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global Influencer hub

global Influencer hub

Connecting digital creators who inspire with global brands. Together we change how the world sees advertising, and bring forward a fun, authentic and creative community.

How it works

An innovative platform with all the data you need in one place


Connect with all the brands you love

Utilize our vast network of brands and enter campaigns that speak to you. Be creative, have fun and get paid.


Create content your way

Share what you love and inspire! It’s when you are the most authentic your audience will resonate with your content.


Monetize your
creative work

  • Use Metapic-generated affiliate links.
  • Post them on your social media bio/stories.
  • Get rewarded when the recommendation matches the interest



If you’re one of many businesses that need help finding the right brand ambassador then look no further. Metapic connects you with a vetted network of digital creators, all with their unique way of showcasing your products



Improve your influencer marketing strategy through a data-driven algorithm that delivers precise metrics and campaign progress – in real time.



Track all influencer marketing campaigns with our data-driven approach using insights from traffic, sales, clicks, and other KPIs which are valuable for your business.


We really appreciate how flexible and cooperative Metapic are and that you can quickly take action on things. It is a very short path from idea to implementation, which makes it easy to collaborate and constantly take things to higher levels. It is very convenient that we have had the same contact person for so long, and that we know each other and understand each other. It saves a lot of time.

Sara Åstrom

Cocopanda/Blivakker Nordic Nest


Why Metapic?
Track campaigns and their data
Budget optimization and sales growth
Real-time updates

If you're a creator

Sign up and start working with brands as unique as you

Start Earning

If you're a brand

Request a demo and start creating your ad campaigns


What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is when you refer to and promote a product or service by sharing a direct link to it through a social media platform – including podcasts, blogs, and personal websites.
How do I apply as a creator?
You can easily apply here
Fill out your personal information and link your social channels. Once your application has been received a team member at Metapic will carefully review it by analyzing your social media account metrics to ensure a match against current brand needs.
How do affiliate links work?
The affiliate (social media influencer) earns a commission every time their follower makes a purchase or click through the unique affiliate link associated with their product or service recommendation.
What is influencer marketing and how does it work?
Influencer marketing is a form of performance marketing, using social media. An influencer receives a payout for endorsing a brand's product or service.
Can I track my performance and earnings as an influencer?
As a creator, you have access to your personal performance dashboard where you can keep track of all your earnings and monthly payments. We are proud to offer our creators a 100% profit margin, meaning there are no hidden fees on our side.
Can I create as many links as I want, at any time?
Yes! It’s all up to you, you’re in charge.

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